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Basics of Photography With Planet Untamed

20th June - 26th June 2020

Are you interested in photography? Are you looking to hone your skills and pursue photography as a hobby or even as a career? Kinderhaus brings you interactive and learning sessions with professional photographer and editor of Wildlife Magazine Planet Untamed, Mr. Dhruv Phadke.

"Photography" Yes it is!📸
@kinderhausindia is coming up with a fantabulous 7-day Online Photography Workshop for Kids with @planet_untamed_magazine

@planet_untamed_magazine has amazing wildlife photographers who have immense experience and knowledge about wildlife photography. They are associated with wildlife conservation and spreading environmental awareness amongst today's youth.

We understand the need for environmental awareness and the need to take a stand to preserve the nature in the evolving world of Industrialization and Commercialization. @kinderhausindia believe that the budding youth are the forebearers of Mother Earth and keeping in mind this, we tend to inculcate the values for preservation of natural resources and to value what the nature offers us with our specially curated courses.

@kinderhausindia invites all the young photography enthusiasts to tread on the path to become a professional photographers and quench your thirst for your photography related curiosities with our 7 day online workshop with the Editor and Head Photographer of @planet_untamed_magazine, Mr. Dhruv Phadke.

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