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The Happiness Express

5th June - 7th June 2020

Psychological development plays a very important role in development of a kids personality and Emotional Quotient like Intelligence Quotient is equally important. This session emphasises on the importance of emotions in our life and how to cope up with it.

What will be covered in the workshop?

EMOTIONS - Children will learn about identifying, labelling and distinguishing their emotions to help them handle stressful situations better.

KINDNESS - In Kindness, children will be made aware of the concept of kindness in daily life. How to implement it on self and others. This will help them become friends and siblings and overall a better person.

GRATITUDE - What is gratitude? Children will be taught the art of being grateful which is necessary skill in today's life. Gratitude goes a long way in developing emotionally healthy individuals.

Mode of Workshop : ONLINE

Workshop Overview


No. of Participants

3 Days



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