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-After School Program-

Play. Laugh. Learn


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(Ages 3-5)

As a toddler, the world around them is a mystical adventure to explore and have fun while being at it. We utilize and channel that curiosity to the fullest extent in development of crucial skills.

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(Ages 6-10)

As a Preschooler, the kids are at a stage where an enormous amount of energy and curiosity is at hand. Our courses channelize the enormous amount of energy in the kids to the subjects at hand to bring out the best of your kid.

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Junior Champs

(Ages 11-13)

The budding minds at this age group are enthusiastically involved in their respective interest areas. We focus on the development of interest and skills of the kids to make the learning a fun experience for them. 

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The Grown-Up Kids

(Ages 14-16)

Don't let the kid in you grow up. It's never too late for learning something new and exciting. We at Kinderhaus are experts at making the subjects a memorable experience for everyone. The practical skills and knowledge is what matters to develop and get you ready for your big step.

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Our Approach

We at Kinderhaus are focused on the development of your child outside the regular curriculum and make them enjoy learning additional skills in specific areas to help personality development. The courses are specifically curated according to the specific ages to tender the specific needs of each age group.

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